Industrial Van Customisations

Innovative Quality Components

The team at Traymark have created a solid reputation for added value for clients and quality, innovative builds. 

Our clients come to us for generic accommodation, lunchrooms, storage, purpose-built mobile offices, and more. They leave with a customised solution, specialised to fit their particular needs.

The Traymark difference starts with our team learning the specifics of what you need. We figure out what you want, what you need it for, the numbers you need to fit, and the conditions you’ll need it in. 

Then,  we design a customised industrial van with innovative solutions, specific to your needs; adding value to your team, and delivering more than expected. 

Our industrial caravans are built on-site at our Gold Coast location, where we use our () years of experience, and our large specialist team, to design the solution that will deliver more. 

Some of our customisations include:


  • Retractable Stairs, for gaining access into the vans.  Overcoming messy, storage heavy, unsafe detachable stairs.
  • Solar setups to deliver off grid internet and power capabilities to sites
  • Purpose built generator cages for robustness and security
  • Dual gas solutions for intensive use in kitchens, fridges etc
  • Customised tool storage, by analysing the key tools and building a purpose built solution to accommodate a lot within a small space.
  • Additional Tropical roofs - to assist our clients when used in highly hot environments
  • Lightweight aluminium sheeting to reduce the weight of towing.
  • Thin, independently insulated walls for a lighter solution, that is better insulated but also delivers more room capacity. We don't use ???


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