Sample Specification for combination lunchroom and amenities

General inclusions


  • Steel chassis and drawbar- 125 x 65
  • 50 x 50 x 5 floorjoists at no more than 600 Centres
  • 50 x 25 x 1.6 25 x 25 x 1.6 RHS ,wall framing glavanised RHS – with welds painted
  • Welds and bare steel is primed and gloss coated with black enamel
  • Welding is MIG welding with 1mm high tencile wire
  • Wall welds are at no more than 400 centres - Walls and roof are bolted together
  • 45Sqmm Axles – with Drum breaks, Air Brakes ,Leaf suspension kits
  • Axles welded to axle seats and u-bolted to springs to prevent rolling
  • Landcruiser split rims with bias ply tyres 750-16x8 fitted
  • Pipe type stabiliser legs
  • Ring or ball coupling
  • Safety chains
  • Andiline stand
  • Watertank brackets
  • Step brackets, steel slideout steps
  • Box mounted to wall for gas bottles


  • Structural ply glued and screwed to floorjoists
  • Underside of floor is oainted in chassis black
  • Topside of floor is covered in commercial vinyl with joins sealed


  • Wall and ceiling sheeting is 4mm polyester plywood


  • Cabinetwork has Quality fixtures and fittings - 16mm laminated top with PVC edge.
  • All doors and drawers have positive locking devices


  • .4mm colorbond fixed with Sika flex and riveted to RHS studs
  • All joins are made over steel studs
  • Roof sheets are single piece sheets,Roof pitch allows runoff on level position.
  • 50mm insulation to roof, 25mm insulation to walls
  • Solid core 1900 x 700 commercial grade doors Left hand hinged fitted with flyscreens
  • Windows are aluminium framed – lockable, flyscreened
  • Toilet – Roof vent
  • Spare tyre on rear


  • 12v wiring as per Australian design rules – includes clearance lights,side lights,stop lights,indicator lights,numberplate lights,reflectors and 7 pin plug and receiver.
  • 240V -All electrical wiring as per australian standard AS3001 and carried out and tested by a licensed contractor. All wiring passing through metal or timber is protected using grommets
  • Double pole circuitbreakers internal Switchboard
  • Generator on drawbar


  • Watertank with lockable filler cap
  • SS Sink fitted with hand pump
  • 1 x footpump


  • Roof mounted Air-Conditioner
  • Fire extinguisher
  • 2 burner gas stove/grill
  • 1 x 90L electric fridge
  • Padded lift up bench seats
  • 1 x laminated table
  • 6 x coathooks
  • 1 x Merlin toilet – self contained
  • 2 x 9 kg gas bottles
  • 1 x chnageover gas regulator

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